⚔ Cryptoblades Announcement 📢 2021-09-09T14:23:38.889000+00:00

⚔ Cryptoblades Announcement 📢 2021-09-09T14:23:38.889000+00:00

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Our **Multi-Chain Initiative** has made a **MAJOR** step forward as of this morning!

**We are now live on HECO Testnet!!**

For those catching up, we have been actively working on putting all the pieces together to launch on **HECO Chain**, which is a Huobi-backed EVM-Compatible smart chain who has been actively assisting us to:
**Provide Liquidity on their chain to create a market for the P2E Capabilities**
**Create partnerships for cross-chain migration of funds**
**Give our users a cheaper-gas alternative to BSC for SIGNIFICANT gas savings**
**Provide full marketing support for our go-live, so that we can vastly expand our userbase and SKILL holders to those who are exclusively on HECO**
**Provide listing contacts for Huobi exchange to enter into consideration for trading on their platform (Huobi is #2 exchange by volume, and would offer us entry to Chinese market which up until now has been untapped)**

The above are just some examples of why we chose HECO for our first migration, and this will not be the only migration! Our end goal is that CryptoBlades is made available to users of all chains, and chains which offer us the most lucrative and value-add propositions get prioritized. HECO and others have enthusiastically and actively helping us through this process (as have others, which will be announced!)

Other benefits of HECO:
**High APY on Liquidity Provision and Farms** (We will let you know where these are!)
**High TPS** (Transactions per second, lower latency for fighting)
**Backed by Huobi** (Legitimate exchange with excellent developer and marketing teams to support us)

**How can I participate in CryptoBlades on HECO?**
– We will provide an easy to use front-end selector for you to choose which chain to play on. Your wallet will be updated with the chain information, and you will need to purchase HT (HECO Token) for gas, and SKILL from our preferred DEX.
**Can I move my SKILL to HECO?**
– We are working with cross-chain swap companies at the moment to integrate seemless swapping between chains. Clover will be facilitating this, and it may not be available at launch. However, we are making it as easy as possible to: Move stable-coin from BSC to HECO -> Swap stable-coins to SKILL -> Start earning!
**Can I move my NFTs to HECO?**
– Similar to above, this will be possible in the future but may not be available at launch. You will be able to start new characters there immediately, and in time you can move your NFTs across chains to take advantage of different opportunities around the Blockchain ecosystem

In summary:
* HECO is quickly becoming a major player in Blockchain Gaming, and they want us to be a central part of it with them!
* Users will enjoy fast transactions, and low-fees
* SKILL Holders will enjoy huge marketing boosts and potentially a Huobi listing

Thanks and have fun, more news to come today on other aspects of CB that we’ve been hard-at-work on. Love you all!

— This material was sourced from the official CryptoBlades discord.

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