⚔ Cryptoblades Announcement 📢 2021-09-22T23:06:53.657000+00:00

⚔ Cryptoblades Announcement 📢 2021-09-22T23:06:53.657000+00:00

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Hey @everyone ! The developers have been working day and night to improve the current state of the game! We are happy to announce we’ve got some massive changes to the MAIN NET!
Stand firm together, and let’s rise to the top! Hand in hand to wonderland!

1. **New payout formula** 💰
*A new payout formula that is based on the amount of skill taken in (payouts will gravitate towards 50% of the raw skill coming into the game) No gas offset and no oracle involved in this!*

**2. expected skill gain from fights shown upfront** ⚔️
*Fights will now show the skill gain up-front on the enemies you choose the battle. This way, you know what the gains will be before you decide to battle!*

**3. Withdraw limits** 💸
*A claim pool withdraw limit will be enabled, based on the new payout formula, updating hourly, roughly one day’s worth of earnings for the average user, and if they hold more than 1.0 skill in the pool, then it’s two days worth of fighting OR 10% of their pool, whichever is highest. Custom amounts will be possible to withdraw, not just all at once.*
*If you hold 1.5 skill, you can withdraw 0.05 (10% of 0.5 which is the part above the 1.0 deposit) or 2 days worth of fights.*
*We added a tooltip that allows you to see the current withdraw-able amount.*

**4. Choice of element in forging weapons**
*New feature to forge weapons of a specific element, but cost 2x.
The old forge will remain at the exact cost. (Random Element)* 🎲

**5. 100% raids** ☠️
*Raid will currently have a 100% win-rate for those who decide to participate.*

**6. Market fees** 🏪
*Market will require a small skill fee to add new listings.
Two cents based on oracle, so at $60 oracle but $20 total price, it’ll be like 0.66 cents for starters.*

**We intend to deploy to heco mainnet simultaneously**
*It may take a hot minute to finalise; We are actively working on it.
A quick message will follow after it’s done and deployed.*

**The Double Experience gains will be disabled in 24 hours. Get your fights in before it gets removed.**
*As promised I would announce 24 hours beforehand.*

*Any questions about the changes can be asked in and . The helpful heroes and moderating team are more than happy to assist.
Don’t forget to read the to get your access to !*

— This material was sourced from the official CryptoBlades discord.

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