⚔ Cryptoblades Announcement 📢 2022-10-26T13:15:52.143000+00:00

⚔ Cryptoblades Announcement 📢 2022-10-26T13:15:52.143000+00:00

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Guys I try not to share too much about the struggles of running a project like CryptoBlades, in an extended market downturn like this, where it has literally been

**After Blow**

__**AFTER BLOW**__

to our entire industry since the beginning of the year. We were still in weak Voldemort form at the end of the last bullrun. We were completely rewriting our entire rewards system every month:

“**Earn and Burn**” – aka I don’t care if I can’t claim, SKILL bought my mom a house last month

“**Hourly Rewards**” – the original intent, players get evenly distributed the hourly income from the previous hour, proportionate to the amount of fighters in the last hour

“**Juicy Hour**” – Our more ingenuous community members decided to create websites that showed how many fighters fought, how much income there was, and what they would stand to earn that hour, and deemed them “Juicy Hours”

“**Mega Tsunami Juicy Hour**” (Date: 10/24/2021. So this inevitably led to who other than our very own Levitate to take it upon himself to spend
Roughly 50 SKILL forging in order to pump the hourly “income”, and since no one battled it gave people $3-$4 for a single fight, costing kroge over $100,000 in SKILL within the hour. This was the juiciest hour in CB history.

“**Multi-Farms**” these actually came out before SKILL itself was tied to a multi-farm. The original “Check out this great project, earn their token, and watch it fly” was such a fun time and I literally have no complaints (nor do others I think) since there were a lot of fun farms like Project Oasis (100x), and Polygons crazy multipliers.

“**Multi-Farms For Everything**” eventually we saw how predictable the farms were and moved away from Juicy Hour and into SKILL/KING Multi-Farms. This takes us to now:

With these systems, this community, and our history, we are going to come into this next Bull Run at full speed instead of dying away like every other alt right now. (See images for how we’ve done compared to competitors).

It may have taken us a while to get here, but we’re here and we’re STRONG and we’ve proven (it’s no opinion anymore) we’re the BEST. So let’s hit 10k DAU and light of the swimming pools of jet fuel we’ve been storing!

To keep this going strong, **Bridging will have the .0035 Fee turned off on a first come first serve basis. So bridge before it runs out!** You will only pay the gas for the transaction with no extra fee ($0.19 to be exact!)



— This material was sourced from the official CryptoBlades discord.

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