⚔ Cryptoblades Announcement 📢 2022-11-04T20:07:34.175000+00:00

⚔ Cryptoblades Announcement 📢 2022-11-04T20:07:34.175000+00:00

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Happy Friday everyone! The markets are HOT and we are pushing on all cylinders to manage the earnings on BNB, as it majorly affects gas costs.

**Revenue Share**
The revenue share pools will end in just under a month! SKILL staking rewards will be applied for the first 60 of the pool, and after that **25% of ALL Phase 9.3 fees across all chains** will be awarded directly to Revenue Share stakers every month.

Additionally, a snapshot (DAO voting) will be implemented for stakers, where major profit-based and SKILL token initiatives will be voted on and implemented by the DAO members. More details on this to come!

Staking pool refill amounts will be determined early next week, as well as some exciting updates to the valor tokenomics to inventivize participation in the ecosystem outside combat. These incentives will have a direct positive impact on earnings for those that participate!

**Gas Offset**
On a more immediate note, the Gas Offset will be increased today to account for BNB prices and bring everyone into the green.

**Gas Fee Reductions**
Reducing gas costs is the most sustainable way for us to increase your profits, as indicated by my last earnings announcement. To this end, we have multiple optimizations planned plus the savings from the Equipment Manager. In total these will account for roughly a 25% reduction in gas costs meaning those are profits back in your pocket. When we have a timeline I will let you know but we are working to have them out in November.

**CB DEX**
To make swapping a more seemless experience, while also taking the fees saved from external dexes and putting them into the reward pool, we have fast-tracked the CB DEX which is on track for November as well. When we hit mainnet and have an idea on gas fees, we will update the earnings spreadsheets!

**Equipment Manager**
As mentioned, the equipment manager not only saves users gas, but also adds the ability for NFTs to give various bonuses to your characters. This means truckers, shields, and other future NFTs all can have their potential unleashed! Additionally, the equipment manager will increase demand for Weapons as each character will be assigned a weapon up front. So put that IGO to use while you have it!!

So let’s keep this party going, next week we will have more events and hopefully some features to boot!!


— This material was sourced from the official CryptoBlades discord.

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