⚔ Cryptoblades Announcement 📢 2022-12-28T22:13:49.535000+00:00

⚔ Cryptoblades Announcement 📢 2022-12-28T22:13:49.535000+00:00

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Stream Summary!
1. Overview of macro markets, and how SKILL correlates to BNB prices. Also brief overview on how BNB correlates to BTC, and BTC correlates to FOREX/SP500/OIL/FED
2. Discussed how BNB will be supported in January and what people can expect
3. Outlined a proposal for Earnings formula update to improve earnings of higher-powered characters compared to lower-powered
4. Compiled list of issues with VALOR tokenomics and how we intend to fix them, as well as gained valuable ideas from the community
5. Compiled a list of 29 issues and ideas, sorted them into what can be done more immediately for a high payoff, and what we can plan to tackle long-term, and what ideas don’t have high enough payoff or require too high of effort

The list below is what we decided to focus on, and this list will be translated into github issues with timelines we can expect to achieve for them. Some require no development, but tweaking of existing functions and variables. Other require development, and could be done on a bounty basis by anyone wanting to contribute to the ecosystem and get paid to do so. Longer term issues will be handled by the team.

-Update reforged bonuses for meaningful ROI and power increases
-Improve unclaimed earnings for higher power characters compared to lower power characters
-Limit or stop Gen 1 soul production (outside of actual burning) to improve Gen 1 highlander effect
-Finalize EM bonuses for Trinkets, Shields, and other ecosystem NFTs and release to the community. Included in this would be additional benefits for Shields within -Raids and Adventure
-Compile all existing Bazaar issues and provide individual issues and bounties for their implementation
-Include Keyboxes in EM and Quests for added utility
-Rework ads to not be intrusive and drive more revenue
-Including Burning of trinkets into NFTs for rolling certain permanent benefits
-Implement SKILL lottery into Raids, with higher raid entry price and potential for big SKILL lottery rewards
-Stake SKILL to earn power (with a cap)
-Improve VALOR buy-back methods to benefit players and not just traders
-Compile some premium tools and features for players to access via SKILL subscription
-Finalize “Granny Friendly” gameplay and onboarding improvements
-Test if shields can give an improved victory chance in adventure, and how much gas that may add
-Streak bonuses for battling/buying SKILL daily and getting power increase over time

These are a really great start for us to make immediate improvements to the ecosystem, and is just the first few small steps towards a more inviting and sustainable ecosystem. Our major initiatives will remain unchanged, as we will still be releasing EM, Tavern, NFT rentals, and DEX in the near future, but these quality of life changes will also get added to the pipeline thanks to our users raising some very valid concerns and complains in constructive ways. You guys rock, and I’m thankful to be able to make this better with your help.


— This material was sourced from the official CryptoBlades discord.

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