⚔ Cryptoblades Announcement 📢 2023-02-04T03:37:53.918000+00:00

⚔ Cryptoblades Announcement 📢 2023-02-04T03:37:53.918000+00:00

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Hey everyone, myself and the entire team for that matter have been heads down on multiple fronts, and quite frankly are swamped with an influx of work and tasks in multiple areas of our ecosystem. If you have caught some of my recent streams, I’ve shared a number of the opportunities that have arisen recently as well as some of the bull-market plays we have been building for sustained long-term growth. While this helps us achieve our long-term vision for CryptoBlades and our broader ecosystem, this can also lead to times of falling behind on the day-to-day. While it is our intention to stay on top of all areas at all times, this past week was far below what we want to offer our players. We will be prioritizing developing automated solutions for bridging and VALOR buybacks as one way to alleviate more common issues.

Additionally, our team has put together an overview of what we have built so far, and what our goals are for the remainder of Q1. This will serve as a starting point for developing a roadmap for the remainder of the year. My hope is that this can help our community understand what we are building and our broader goals and strategies. CryptoBlades is built on a foundation of numerous tools and protocols, all of which form the basis of what will in the future be known as the Omnus ecosystem.

By onboarding the next generation of Web3 games into the Omnus Ecosystem, we will also be driving utility for the SKILL token, and exposing more gamers to what CryptoBlades has to offer. We’ve consolidated these tools in a section of the attached diagram so this can make more sense to our current and future partners, as well as our existing players.

I will be elaborating on this in future announcements and streams, but I wanted to take a moment to assure you that not only are we continuing to build and improve, we at a critical point in our community and project to lead the entire GameFi Infrastructure space.

We will be coordinating this announcement alongside our DappRadar announcement of Omnus Chain. Expect big things.

Love you all, and thank you for being a part of this with me.

— This material was sourced from the official CryptoBlades discord.

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