A Note of Caution re:CryptoBlades

The CryptoBlades game, for me, was a bad investment and a cautionary tale about blockchain, tokenomics, and the play-to-earn sector. I don't recommend investing in this game and for that reason I can't recommend BladeMasterJS as an add-on browser extension. Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun building it.


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A JS class that enhances the UX experience while offering an edge in battle. BladeMasterJS is open source, but access to the API requires a .01 BNB tip to the development team every 40 days. You can still download and install this asset and enjoy a 14 day free trial without having to tip any BNB.


  • Prominently displays the USD market prices of BNB and SKILL
  • Prominently displays the current user's SKILL balance as well as its converted values in USD and BNB
  • Prominently displays the current user's BNB balance as well as its converted values in USD and SKILL
  • Shows user BNB fee expenditure for the Cryptoblades game in the following ranges: 24 hours, 7 days, 31 days.
  • Adds a battle calculator overlay that shows win percentage (must hover mouse over weapon to begin calculations)
  • Adds a fight history breakdown that shows wins, losses, SKILL payouts, and BNB Fees over a 24 hours, 7 day, 31 day, and last 1000 fights view.

Feature Screenshots

BladeMasterJS Header


Convientent Battle Calculator


Fight Tracker / Battle Tracker


How to Install in Chrome

Install a Chrome extension that will allow custom JS & CSS codefor websites. I recommend this extension but if anyone knows better ones I'm happy to add them to the list:

Access this file and view the raw version of the code:

Navigate to

Open the newly installed Chrome Extension's Custom CSS and JS extension and create a new profile

Add the raw code that was copied earlier into the JavaScript panel, and save the profile.

And that's it! The next time you access the JavaScript code should be loaded and BladeMasterJS operating.

If you have any trouble installing please reach out in the Discord private room for BladeMasters and I'll help asap.

Happy Forging!

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