CryptoBlades Battle Calculator

BladeMasterJS – A CryptoBlades Battle Calculator

We created BladeMasterJS for the CryptoBlades game’s website to help us better keep track of market prices, BNB expenditures, and gameplay profitability through a special profit calculator as well as adds a battle calculator overlay that shows the win percentage of each enemy you are fighting.

Our battle calculator is easy to install into the CryptoBlades website by using a browser extension that allows users to inject custom JavaScript and custom CSS directly into pages. We do not provide this extension by we do recommend a few that we like to use in our installation guide.

How Accurate is the Battle Calculator

The formula for determining win percentage in CryptoBlade fights is open source and available to anyone. Our battle calculated refreshes every second with a new percentage that represents a “roll”. When using our battle calculator you will see which enemy provides the greatest opportunity for success. You can even quickly switch weapons to see if there is a better enemy with a higher exp and token payout for the same or better win percentage.

Sneak Preview of BladeMasterJS’s Battle Calculator in Action

BladeMasterJS offers MORE than JUST a Battle Calculator

We also provide a profit calculator that informs the user of the following:

  • Total Battles Fought
  • Total wins
  • Total losses
  • Total SKILL earned (in SKILL and in USD based on current market price)
  • Total Fees in BNB spend
  • And profit considering no SKILL was sunk and BNB fees were always current market price.
  • Win percentage


CryptoBlades Profit Calulator

We calculate profit based on MARKET PRICE OF SKILL and BNB

  • binancecoinBNB$315.95-0.31%

Is BladeMasterJS SAFE to Install?

The most common question we get asked about our BladeMasterJS battle calculator is if it is safe to install? And the reason this question is asked is that most play-to-earn game developers are warning users to be very careful who they trust and to understand that they cannot voucher for a 3rd party that interacts with their game.

We want to assure you that we are 100% safe. All our code is in unobfuscated open-source JavaScript that anyone can audit before installation as well as publicly raise issues if the asset was unsafe. We keep our code hosted on Github.

We will never ask for your authority to spend your tokens. We only interact with your public BNB address that is supplied by MetaMask.

How Can I Install BladeMasterJS?

It’s really easy to install our calculator into your browser. To download and install BladeMasterJS please head to our open source GitHub repo and read the file. It will provide you instructions on how to download and implement our addon extension for the CryptoBlades website.

Does BladeMasterJS cost anything?

Using the battle calculator is 100% free. But we dono-gate all our informative statistics.

With BladeMasterJS you will have 14 days free to try the asset out and if you like it then it is only a small .01 BNB fee every 40 days to use the asset. A tall cup of coffee for 40 days worth of value. Not bad!

We also have special GameMaster Plans that will allow you to connect up to 20 addresses to ALL of our many NFT game addons products.

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